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GOBAKO GLC is a new Start-Up created by a world traveler lover who thinks that the power of speaking foreign languages is a gift that should be given to everyone. With the ambition of becoming the reference in terms of digital learning, GOBAKO came up wih the innovative idea to offer “public private lessons” through its websites.

The donations will only be used to cover the following costs – necessary costs to grow and to have a chance to become the digital learning leaders of tomorrow.

Hosting – The web hosting service provider provides the technologies, services and platforms (servers, databases,…) needed for GLC website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet.
Security – Getting security features and expert advices.
Licenses – The learning platform used to connect users simultaneously during webinars and conferences needs licenses. Those licenses specify the number of allowed users to connect at the same time. The business model of GOBAKO is relying on a high number of simultaneous connections making licenses a significant cost for the Start-up.
Advertisement – Promoting the website (e.g. ads, promotional videos, social network presence, marketing campaign…) and gain new customers everyday.
Juridic – Getting international juridic advices (status, compliance to regulations,…).